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Facing Problems to Restore Deleted Yahoo Mails?

restore yahoo deleted mails
Written by Veronica Wilson

Yahoo is getting prominent among the internet users in diverse areas across the globe; who use an effective form of communication. It is the email service, which helps them interact with family members, friends and professionals in a much feasible way without interacting face to face.

But, there are different sort of issues that interrupts the users from completing tasks mentioned in various emails and one unique problem among them is recovering deleted messages, which has become a real cause of problem days. Users generally delete important emails from Inbox on their own or by mistake. It becomes very difficult for them to restore the messages, once it gets deleted from trash folder as well.

Problem become critical when email users are unable to move the desired emails accumulated in trash folder to inbox as error interrupts and prevent completion of an action. Another case is that user clears all the emails from trash folder using Android or Apple iPhone and the next day, he/she wants to restore back that particular email, which is next to impossible.

 It’s really a difficult task to recover those deleted messages back to the server if the emails are deleted directly from the inbox of Yahoo account and at the same time from trash folder at one click. Messages once retrieved by MS Outlook from Yahoo server lead to its deletion if the user has not checked the option “Save the messages in mail server”. The last possibility is that someone accessed the email account on behalf of the user and has cleaned up Inbox, draft, outbox, spam and trash folder.

Reasons behind Messages Getting Deleted from Yahoo Mail Account

  • Messages automatically get deleted from inbox once email application downloads the same.
  • Unauthorized access deleted all the messages in inbox, outbox, spam and trash folder.
  • Yahoo server not responding
  • Messages getting delivered to filters created in mail account.
  • Important mails of the user getting deleted due to account upgrading.
  • Email server crashed all of the sudden and unable to restore messages saved in the inbox .

Problems in Restoring Deleted Yahoo Emails

  • User has accidentally removed the messages from Trash folder
  • He/she has not taken backup or snapshot of received messages before deleting them
  • Error crop up while submitting the Yahoo mail restore help form
  • Script errors arise all of the sudden, when a user tries to move that specific mail from trash/spam folder to inbox.
  • Server stops responding all of the sudden
  • Yahoo account compromised as login fails after several attempts.

You can go through these steps

An individual, who wants to restore the lost email; needs to contact Yahoo customer service number after changing the password if he/she thinks that email account has been compromised that has led to the deletion of important messages from inbox.  It’s really not possible for him/her to restore those deleted emails without taking the assistance of customer service executive as it is only possible dialing Yahoo Technical support number.

If you are one of those users, who are not able to restore the mails; then call at the above mentioned customer support number anytime 24×7-365 days as the team of proficient experts is available at your service and they will be removing all kind of issues that prevent restoring of deleted messages back to the inbox or trash folder.


About the author

Veronica Wilson

I am really passionate about writing user friendly blog contents to help yahoo users in offering quality tips for resolving their problems in a matter of seconds. I would be really happy if users can get help upon going through my blog contents as step by step methods are unveiled in most of my write-ups to troubleshoot complex issues in quick time.


  • Thanks YSN! I really appreciate your efforts as I was looking for the same because Yesterday I had deleted some of my important emails from my Inbox and unfortunately, from trash folder too when I was in my office. I didn’t know how to get them back. Literally I was totally lost. I had come up with some solutions but they didn’t really work. Then I found this site and had a little conversation with experts, They had solved my problem in a few minutes,. Thanks to YSN once again.

  • When I tried restore my deleted yahoo email then I faced some technical error. Give me some suggestion what can I do..??

    • The main reason for getting technical error might be that your yahoo server is not responding or your email server has been crashed.
      You can follow the given steps to recover your emails:
      1) Log in to your Yahoo account and Go to the “Trash” folder.
      2) Check if your deleted email is there or not. If you email is there, open the mail and select “move” option and select the folder into which you want to transfer the message.
      3) You can use the “Yahoo! Mail Restore” feature to recover deleted emails. Complete the given form and click “Submit Button”.
      All your deleted emails will restore within 24 hours.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Last night, I deleted most important email from my yahoo account by mistake. But your post really saves me. You have mentioned all the points related to “Restore deleted yahoo emails”. It helps me to retrieve my deleted mail.

  • I want to thanks this website because some emails were deleted from Inbox in My account in the last night. These emails were important for me but with the help of this blog, I found a solution for my deleted emails.