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  • On daily basis, I received 50-70 emails in my yahoo messenger in which half of the emails are spam. Is there any way to stop those spam e-mails?

  • On daily basis, I received 50-70 mails in my yahoo messenger in which half of the mails are spam.Is there any way to stop those spam e-mails?

    • Hi Dear,
      Yes, I know its difficult to deal with spams, this happens because your ISP blocks some emails if it finds something suspicious in attachments or due to security restrictions so that you can access your account for longer period .you can do a various thing to stop spam emails.
      1. First, Try to declaring emails as “Not Spam ” so that your yahoo server will remember your choice for the next time, and you will not get any spam mail from that recipients.
      2. Try adding Filters it will separate your spam emails and make it available on your inbox.
      If you are not able to do above steps, you can directly call to our customer service available 24*7 to help you and provide you quick solution.

    • Hi ….
      The reason behind receiving spam emails can be any of the following reasons:
      1) There might be possible that you have subscribed for newsletters or unknown email address.
      2) Your account might be hacked by someone.
      3) Or maybe your account is in under control of your friend and misusing it.

      To stop receiving spam emails you should enable the filters in your account.

  • I was so frustrated with these network connection issues. I don’t know what was the exact problem but new emails were not arriving in my Yahoo mail account. And to solve this issue I contacted Yahoo customer support helpdesk where I got the exact solution for my problem. I can see all my emails clearly now. Thanks for your support!

  • I was really frustrated with this yahoo messenger connection problem and had set up my mind to switch over another messenger. But, after going through this blog, I got kind of relaxed because I got to know many things like the reason behind this problem and solution as well. In fact, I was about to walk out of the Yahoo but your information made me change my idea of moving from one service to another. Because it is not always easy to jump from one mail service to another. So thanks so much to get me out of this situation.

  • What if I don’t want to update my yahoo app? Because my phone is not that much capable of running bigger apps. I still want to use an older version without any issue. Can I?

    • Hi Friend !!

      There are many things you can do to avail storage like:

      1) You can uninstall the unwanted applications.
      2) Clear the cache.
      3) Move applications from device to your SD card.
      4) Move pictures and large files in the external memory.
      The above-given methods will definitely solve the problem of insufficient storage. And then again try to update the version of yahoo messenger.