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Is it Possible If I Can Change Yahoo ID and Email Address?

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It seems that you are having a horrible time while changing the Yahoo ID. I can bet on this, you will never be successful in doing so even if hundred of attempts are made from now on. This is because there are a standard set of rules that will never allow you to change your login id or email address at any cost.

Not only Yahoo, other email address service providers will completely neglect your request to change login id or email address after a certain period of time.

Reasons why you can’t change your Yahoo ID or email address

  • Yahoo does not allow any of its users to change its login ID or email address as it is clearly mentioned in terms and conditions that you accept while creating an email account.
  • If users keep changing login ids after a certain period of time, then it creates ambiguity for the email service providers to manage these things.
  • Identity theft and malicious activities is the primary threat that Yahoo takes into consideration;

– Take an assumption, Yahoo allows you to change Login id and you choose the best one for yourself without knowing whose id is being used by you. Suppose, a scammer was using this login id and has changed the same due to being blacklisted, you will be under the scrutiny if the investigation takes place.

– Another example is here to make you clear why Yahoo does not allow to change login id of your email address. Suppose, you have changed the login id successfully, how can you be so sure the person who chose your login details, will not conduct any scamming or malicious activities. If he/she starts doing it, Yahoo will be in ambiguity from whom they have to investigate.

– There might be a probability that person escapes from the stranglehold of cyber control team and you come under the scrutiny. Your identity was recognized by Yahoo other than that person. The cyber crime protection team will screw you up for the activities, you have never conducted.

  • If you keep changing the login id, it will become quite difficult for your contacts to manage your email address as a modification in login id can entirely change the email address. The person already in your contact list is aware of your old email address, which has been saved in his contact list. If you keep changing Yahoo login ids, then it can be quite difficult for them to remember. In case, they forget to make modification and send some confidential documents to the old email address which is under the control of unknown people, they can take advantage and ruin the sender anyhow.

Taking these above-mentioned reasons into consideration, Yahoo does not allow users to change the Login ID or email address. However, Yahoo has provided users with the facility to create a new email account and add it with an existing Yahoo account to keep switching between the old and new one as per the requirement.

In case you are not quite clear with what we are trying to explain, then its better you contact qualified experts through Yahoo customer service phone number 24/7 support as it can be the better option than taking wrong steps that may lead to critical problems.

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