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I am really passionate about writing user friendly blog contents to help yahoo users in offering quality tips for resolving their problems in a matter of seconds. I would be really happy if users can get help upon going through my blog contents as step by step methods are unveiled in most of my write-ups to troubleshoot complex issues in quick time.


  • I am yahoo user but when I am using yahoo account on my android device then I am not able to change my yahoo account password. Please suggest me how to change Yahoo password on Android Phone?

    • Sometimes Yahoo doesn’t allow you to change password due to multiple attempts or when your account is being accessed by many devices. In such cases you can simply reset your password using your own device by doing these steps:-
      • Go to Android device’s Menu.
      • Click Settings.
      • Scroll a little bit and click Accounts.
      • Select your Yahoo account Email.
      • Tap Account settings.
      • From there Update your password and click OK.

  • I access my Yahoo account through Android cell phone. Last month I got to know that my Yahoo account is compromised and someone had the access to my important emails. So, I wanted to change my account’s password but was unable to do so as the procedure to change the password in Android phone is different than a laptop. Thanks to Yahoo technical support for sharing step by step procedure in such an informative manner. I have changed my account’s password successfully via App.

  • Using Yahoo app is all the way different than using Yahoo on the desktop. Which is why I got stuck once when I was trying to change my yahoo password on my android phone. But, thanks to the writer of this blog. It has provided me all the instructions to change yahoo password on mobile. I ended up changing my password easily.

  • Why do I need to change Yahoo password all the time. I got fed of changing password every time whenever I go to login with new device. I am looking for the way to get out of this. Please help me.

    • I guess setting up Yahoo account key might be your solution. Know more about Yahoo account key here https://gonetech.net/yahoo-helpdesk/setup-yahoo-account-key/