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Infographics: Important Things to Do After Yahoo Account Being Hacked!!!

Written by Veronica Wilson

Last year around millions of users Yahoo accounts are affected by the massive data breach occurs in Yahoo. The hackers steal the personal information like username, address, contact number and other sensitive information of the user. If you are a regular user of this webmail service, then you need to take care of these things to save your account from getting hacked. You need to keep the record of your account activity log; if you find any unknown activity then you must need to modify the password of your account immediately.

Modify Security questions

If you haven’t change the security questions and answers of your account since it has been created then modify it, by changing the security questions time to time help us to secure your accounts from hackers. Yahoo is suggesting this to all their users to keep their account safe.

Change Yahoo passwords

If you are the one who is affected by this major data breach then you immediately need to change the password of your account as well as the security question. Modifying your password might be the safe steps to avoid your yahoo account to be hacked.

If you are using same yahoo password for other non-Yahoo accounts such as social media or banking service then change them instantly. Don’t use a password of Yahoo account for any other account. Otherwise, both your Yahoo account will be compromised.

Enable Two-step authorization

This is one of the best forms to secure your Yahoo account from hackers. You need to enable it. Two step-authorizations is the additional layer of security which protects your account to be hacked.  After activating this it’s not easy for anyone to get into your account. In this security wall, a code will be sent as a text message or through voice call on your phone when anyone tries to log in. It is one of the brilliant features for your account protection. The user needs to enter the code to get into the account.

Review your login activity on regular basis

You need to keep track on the recent activity of your account. If you find any unsuspicious activity, any email is sent or received without your knowledge then your accounts must have been hacked. This is one of the ways to check your account has been compromised or not.

Don’t share any personal information

Yahoo suggests users not to share or store any important information about your bank. Hackers may steal your personal information from your Yahoo account which you don’t want to share with anyone

If anyone received a mail asking about your login information then don’t give a reply to them or don’t dare to click on any given link. This is the new method which hackers are using for a phishing scam. So, beware of it.

These are some crucial things which you should know when your account has been hacked. By performing these steps, you can secure your account from being hacked. People don’t have much knowledge about it, but you can contact IT expertise for an instant solution. For more information, go to Yahoo helpdesk service. They are always available for your support.

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Veronica Wilson

I am really passionate about writing user friendly blog contents to help yahoo users in offering quality tips for resolving their problems in a matter of seconds. I would be really happy if users can get help upon going through my blog contents as step by step methods are unveiled in most of my write-ups to troubleshoot complex issues in quick time.


  • Somebody hacked my yahoo account and utilizing it. S/he changed all my details from username to phone number. I couldn’t able to reset it. As this is my professional account, it is being very important for me to restore it back as it contains important official stuff. Help me out in this!

    • You don’t have to worry if the hacker has changed all the information. You can follow below mention steps to recover hacked account.

      1.Go to yahoo login page and click on “PROBLEM LOGGING IN ” option.
      2. It will ask you to enter phone number or alternate e-mail address and according to you s/he has already changed your phone number so just enter e-mail address.
      3. Click Continue.
      4. If prompted, enter the CAPTCHA code.
      5. If you can receive text messages to the number listed, click Yes, text me an Account Key.
      6. After receiving “Account key” you can change your account password. and you can login your account with new password.
      Before hacker do something else with your account just change your setting.
      And try to setup, use, manage Yahoo Account key sign in to stop using password.

  • I had also faced hacking issues on my Yahoo account. But thanks to your website, I read your blogs and I liked it. Thank you for sharing all these useful information with us.