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How to Access Yahoo Mail and Integrate it with Social Network?

Written by Veronica Wilson

Though, it is quite an easy process to access Yahoo mail account as you just need to type on the address bar of your web browser and then enter the login details to reach the destination page, which is the Inbox dashboard panel.

But, it is the simplest way to access Yahoo mail account. Accessing the email account upon integration with social networking portal like Facebook is a different story altogether. But before that, it is essential to upload your subscriber list to social networks. There are certain reasons behind doing this. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Relationships: It actually helps in putting a name and identity to the email subscribers.
  2. Listening: It’s really a good idea to follow the email subscribers on a social network that will give you a better idea about the need and their wants.
  3. Community: If you are publishing the interesting contents on social networks, it might help you get traffic from the targeted.

Here is how you can integrate your Yahoo email account with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as Google Plus (G+):

Integration of Yahoo Email with Facebook

Below-mentioned are the steps to integrate Yahoo email with Facebook

  • Login into Yahoo Mail.
  • Upon successful sign-in go the status section.
  • There you will find the option, Add to Facebook.
  • Once you do the same, you can see Yahoo and Facebook update simultaneously.

Integration of Yahoo Email Account with Twitter

The steps to integrate Yahoo email with Twitter are as follows:

  • Access Yahoo account by entering the login details.
  • Now go to the Status section and press the button ‘Add to Twitter’.
  • Doing this, you can easily get updates on Twitter simultaneously upon accessing Yahoo account.

Integration of Yahoo Email Account with Google + and Linkedin

  • Login to Yahoo account entering authentic sign-in details.
  • Now go to the status section where you will find Google + and Linkedin button.
  • Press Add to the Linkedin button and Add to Google + one by one.
  • Once both the buttons are clicked successfully, you can get updates of the Google + and Linkedin Account upon accessing Yahoo inbox messages.

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