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Yahoo Users, Fasten Your Seat Belts; Yahoo Mail Pro Version is launched.

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Millions of people are still using Yahoo mail as they seem to be loyal in spite of several security lapses that happened in the previous year. Yahoo users have several reasons to be happy from now onwards. Yahoo is coming up with a series of new improvements in the form of cleaner, highly responsive as well as insightful mail interface and better customer support that enhance the user experience.

The ad free mail service is being replaced with Yahoo Mail Pro that is actually the same, but a bit advanced and cheaper than what users are availing till now. The most important thing that a user will notice in the new Yahoo mail is its minimal design. It has reduced the loading time to a huge extent and made the email server highly responsive.

The spacing between the UI elements has made way for the less cluttered look that helps you customize the user interface with different color themes and layout. Other than this, the new emoji set derived from the Twitter open source Library, can also be seen in Yahoo mail pro version along with advanced stationery options.

The new documents and photo view feature in the Yahoo mail version has helped registered users to a huge extent by going through all the attachments that have been sent or received till date; be it is an image, video or a text document. All the attachments uploaded while composing a new message; can be previewed in a quality frame as users can now see the composed email message as well as the text in the document at the same time, just by hovering over your mouse on the image icon of an attachment.

Yahoo mail launched the PRO version keeping into consideration the better look of its interface with different screen size along with faster response time. The setting interface has been modified to a huge extent and the search results look much more user-friendly than ever before. The email view can be changed as per the desire of the user in the upcoming version of Yahoo mail. You can get the search results seen in threads if the email view is set as conversation mode as compared to the flat message list. Along with that, there is a preview panel that can be seen on either right or left as per the preference made by the user.

The promise is made by Yahoo that all its users will get quality Yahoo email help when it matters the most to them. The Yahoo mail pro version has already been brought into action from 27th June and is available for users to opt-in for the same in case they are using ad-free version as the cost is quite lower than that. In case, any user does like it, he/she can switch back easily to the classic mode by making modifications in the settings.

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