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Ways to Recover Yahoo Password without Alternate Email

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Yahoo is one of the most preferred free webmail service providers used across the globe for an extensive array of professional and personal needs. Yahoo users tend to secure their account from the Internet vulnerabilities as Yahoo contains a huge amount of their data and information. To prevent their account from exposed to this security menace, users often do certain things that make them forget Yahoo password

    • Changing password on a regular basis is always suggested to make your account secure. But, sometimes you just don’t remember your last changed password and it makes you locked out your account and not able to Sign-in.
    • In an attempt to make your password strong, you make your password so complicated that you cannot remember it to sign-in your account. A good password is easy to remember and difficult to guess by others. Just make sure that don’t use your general information while changing your password like your mobile number or date of birth.
  • Having different password for different account can leave you with a heap of the passwords which are not easy to remember.

No need to worry if you can’t access your Yahoo account. Taking preventive measures for your account is a wise idea. But if you forget your account password, you have a number of ways to retain it.

Reset Yahoo Password with the Help Of Your Phone Number

If you have forgotten your Yahoo password then you can get back with the help of the sign-in helper. It will provide you option to retrieve your Yahoo password, which includes, phone number and email address in order to recover your password and you can choose one, as per your convenience. If you don’t have a secondary email address listed on Yahoo account or have no more access to the email account for password retrieval, then you can use the other two options to recover Yahoo account. Let’s see how to recover Yahoo password with the help of mobile number. Here we go.

To recover Yahoo password with the help of Mobile number:

  1. Visit, Sign-in Helper to start
  2. Enter your phone number listed on your account
  3. Now click Continue
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code, if prompted
  5. Click Yes, text me an Account Key to receive a text message on your listed number
  6. Thereafter, Yahoo will send an Account Key to your mobile number
  7. Provide the Account Key you have received on your number in the respective area and click Verify
  8. Now you can select an account to be recovered from the list connected to your mobile number
  9. Click Continue, and you are in.

With these feasible steps you can get back to your routine buzz with your Yahoo mail account and access the important information that it has stored.

Unable to recover your account and thinking how do I contact Yahoo? Just give a call to the Yahoo support number to acquire the desired aid at the quickest possible time and fix your Maddening password issues effortlessly.



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