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Comprehensive Review of Yahoo Email Services Unveiled

Yahoo mail review
Written by Veronica Wilson

Are you new to the Yahoo Mail and looking to gain core knowledge about the email services it offers?

Want to get rid of all ambiguities that you had about Yahoo email in the first perception?

Is Yahoo Mail the ideal email servers, you always opt for?

You will get answers to all these queries in a little while from now. But let me explain about Yahoo and its email services to all our newbie users; who are about to avail these services for the first time.

If you are an existing user and looking to know more about Yahoo email, then wait a bit as we will be landing to your desired section very soon.

Introduction to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail, launched in 1997; is an integral and indispensable unit of Yahoo, which is known to be a brand company in America and quite prominent across the globe for running the biggest online web portal.

The email Yahoo services come in four different configurations such as Free, Plus, Ad free and business. The fifth that has recently been launched is by the name Yahoo Mail Pro.

Each of these configurations has different attributes that are clearly mentioned below:

  • Yahoo Mail Free Version

  1. Mail Storage Space: Up to 1 TB
  2. Attachment Limit offered in Yahoo email: 25 MB
  3. Account getting expired upon inactivity: 12 months and it can’t be retrieved back.
  4. Supporting Protocols: POP3 in Asia or via YPOPs!. Yahoo users in the United States gained access to free POP3 and mail forwarding access in 2013.
  5. Offer spam and virus protection features.
  6. 100 filters available in free Yahoo mail services to sort incoming messages properly.
  • Plus/Ad Free Version

The new mail version of Yahoo was launched in the year 2011, named as Yahoo Mail Plus Version. The user has to pay $50 setup fee and $20 yearly fee to avail the services offered by Y! Mail.

Various additional features are being offered by Yahoo.mail Plus version:

  1. 25 MB of email storage capacity.
  2. Message size limit restricted to 10 MB.
  3. Up to 10 email attachments allowed.
  4. POP Access and Email Forwarding quite feasible without any restrictions.
  5. Archive email messages for offline access.
  6. Ability to send messages from Yahoo email after configuring third-party email accounts within it.
  7. Option available to block 200 email addresses.
  8. Add a maximum of 50 filters to help screen unsolicited emails.
  9. Ad-free inbox dashboard with no promotional tag-lines seen in any message.
  10. The account doesn’t get de-activated or terminated due to inactivity in past 12 months.
  • Yahoo Email Business Version

All the email services of different versions are included in Yahoo mail business version. You can create as many 10 business email accounts with features of Yahoo mail plus embedded within it. The email accounts can also be created with the personalized domain name as well as email address.

The user can manage their mail Yahoo business account availing privileges of the administrator. The fees are quite nominal as $25 needs to be paid during the email account setup with a monthly subscription of $9.99.


  1. Unlimited email storage capacity.
  2. Limit of 10 email accounts.
  3. Sending messages by adding email accounts in the Yahoo mail pro account
  4. A user can pay $35 extra to have a domain name to create custom email accounts.
  • Yahoo Mail Pro Version

It has been a blessing in disguise for Yahoo Plus email services that did not show any remarkable results until it was taken over by Verizon. Many experts believe that it was much-needed for Yahoo to get itself revamped. With quite clearer interface with no ads on inbox dashboard, this new Yahoo mail pro version has increased space between UI elements that have created a lot of difference in its functionalities. It has become quite user-friendly with complexities getting reduced to the maximum.

Here are some of the features in Yahoo Mail Pro Version, which you may really adore:

  1. Improvised search functionality in inbox dashboard
  2. Variety of color themes available with variant schema color
  3. Photo and document features available on the left side navigation
  4. Update in user interface to access and view, sent and received files

Pros and Cons of Yahoo Mail

Listed below are the certain pros and cons of Yahoo email services which the newbie users should know before availing any services offered upon accessing

Pros of Yahoo Email Services
  • Highly responsive and feasible to use.
  • Quick integration of email, social networks, instant messaging and SMS text messaging using a Yahoo email account.
  • Easy to remember keyboard shortcuts, a desktop like an interface and online storage space is really a plus point for users accessing Yahoo mail.
Cons of Yahoo Email Services
  • Spam filter limit in different Yahoo mail versions should be revoked and to be made more precise with manual rules highly flexible.
  • Provisions not available to set up smart folders.
  • Labeling in messages cannot be done using different tags.

Now let’s talk about Yahoo Mail Storage…

Upon accessing a Yahoo email account, it can be quite feasible for you to know how much mail storage space is offered. Once the account gets older with email messages getting accumulated in the mailbox, the percentage really makes a difference in comparison to the present scenario.

Though in the beginning, Yahoo mail offers a 1TB mail storage space that is quite sufficient for the email users unless they are using it for sending business emails with the huge probability of mailbox exceeding its defined quota.

The process to check Yahoo mail storage quota is quite feasible. Do make sure that you are using the full version of Yahoo mail as any users accessing its basic version, cannot look for the same.

Here is the process to check Yahoo Mail Storage Quota

  • Sign-in to Yahoo mail entering the correct login credentials.
  • Look for the setting gear icon in the top right corner of the Yahoo mail and click on the same.
  • Now select the settings option from the menu.
  • Find your total storage quote as well as the percentage used for messages at the left column’s bottom.
  • Click Cancel once you find the same to proceed ahead with other activities on the email server.

Hope you have gained much information about Yahoo mail services upon going through this write up. In case, you have any confusion on the topic or queries that creep in your mind regarding:

Then, it is highly advised to call yahoo customer service representative anytime to get much needed assistance during the hour of need.

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