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Yahoo Messenger Still Available on the Web – A Guide to Yahoo! Instant Messenger

Written by Veronica Wilson

With more than 18 years of service offered by an old version of Yahoo messenger online services with the regular shuttling of messages between users alongside emoticons sharing, has finally been signed off by Y! on August 5th, 2016. This app launched in 1998 with the name “Yahoo Pager” was not dead, but actually lost its identity due to the emergence of new apps such as Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.

The latest Yahoo messenger chat application has been incarnated with the upgraded features and is quite helpful for many users as it works as an instant messaging client for them. The encapsulation of new functionalities in Yahoo messenger has a huge probability of leaving existing chat applications far behind and is on the verge of creating success foot prints globally with people performing Yahoo online chat using instant messenger installed on their desktop or android device.

How to Get Started with New Yahoo Chat Messenger?

Here are the steps on how to use Yahoo online chat application as per your convenience

  • In order to get Yahoo instant Messenger mobile applications installed on the smartphone device, you; being a registered Y! user, need to download a setup file from the official website.
  • Double-click on the setup files to start the installation.
  • Once the installation process is completed, double-click on the Yahoo messenger icon, as seen on the desktop by entering valid login credentials.
  • Now provide the authentic login credentials in the messenger and wait for the same to get authenticated successfully.
  • Upon successful login into Yahoo chat messenger, users are able to invite friends, interact with them through online Chat or draft message in a proper way. You can also take help from Yahoo support chat team to get the task accomplished.
  • Image uploading in GIF format can be really possible when you are conversing with friends through Yahoo Live chat. A user can also take a new photo from pressing the camera icon if they are using a smartphone device to access Yahoo chat messenger application.
  • Invitation of Yahoo messenger installation can be sent to the friends through one-on one basis. It is really an easy process. There might be a possibility that many of the friends might already be using Yahoo messenger and users can know about the same once they see their name in the list of contacts; who have already installed Yahoo chat application on their PC or smartphone device. Being a Yahoo user, if you are not able to send a request to friends for a chat, then Yahoo support chat helpdesk team is available at your service, every now and then, to offer quality help in a matter of seconds.

How Yahoo Chat Messenger Actually Works?

As the Yahoo messenger has become an essential social communication tool for the teenagers to communicate with friends and known ones, no one can imagine about the communication in its absence for sending and receiving messages through the Yahoo messenger online application, installed on the PC or smartphone device.

Though you successfully implement the steps to download and install the Yahoo online chat application software on the desired smartphone or PC device, the next step is to send and receive messages quickly from the device by entering the correct login credentials. The contacts can be accessed and messaging can be done from anywhere across the globe until and unless internet access is available.

The communication through Yahoo chat messenger is quite feasible for users as he/she can interact with others using any of the 40 different languages as well as share photos as well as a video file of an enormous size. Before you engulfed further to know the working process of Yahoo messenger, let’s make you explain the vital benefit that can be involved in instant messaging that help in carrying on the conversation with some else on the phone or through a PC. The message sent by a user from one end gets flashed on the IM window of the device used by the recipient in a matter of seconds.

A message; once typed by a sender and sent to the recipient , travels in the digital form on the web from the computer using the ISP of the sender and gets reflected in the Yahoo live chat messenger panel in the few seconds and that too in a text format, which was typed by  the sender before escalating the message. In case any trouble occurs, then Yahoo helpline live chat support is needed at the earliest to get the much- needed assistance during the hour of need.

When the webmail server is not responding at its best, Yahoo! Instant messenger can be quite helpful for the web users. They can interact with several people at a time. Server outage issue, generally frustrates Yahoo email users and it may create an obstacle for users, who access Yahoo messenger on the web or through an application installed on PC or mobile device. Though there is no official toll-free number available for the convenience of messenger users, Yahoo help chat support is offered to them, which is active every time to take down the issues faced by any person and offer troubleshooting steps to fix them in a proper manner.

Support For Varied Yahoo Messenger Problems

Yahoo Messenger has worldwide users with different cultures, languages and technical skills. It is not possible for every user to know about individual features of Yahoo. Moreover, it is not possible to fix the technical hurdles that appear in the way of smooth access to the Yahoo account by a novice user. But don’t fret as there are numerous options to avail Yahoo chat support to fix a technical problem related to the use of Yahoo Messenger.

Also, Yahoo Messenger is making advancements in its features and services every now and then, and it is not possible to keep eyes on the ball when changes are really dynamic. Alongside the advancements that were being made, some of the services like Yahoo chat rooms were discontinued from Yahoo.

Yahoo discontinued its video chat rooms on 14th December 2012 and made it very clear that they have no plan to resume this service. It was one of the most popular services of Yahoo, highly used and appreciated by the users, but unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. A replica of this amazing feature can be seen in the form of Yahoo Messenger chat room support.

How can you avail support for Yahoo Messenger?

Unfortunately, there is no direct number or chat support for Yahoo Messenger and the issues affixed to it. But you are fortunate enough to avail quality assistance for a multifaceted Yahoo Messenger issues.

Yahoo Customer Care Live Chat

You can contact a third party support for Yahoo Messenger when you confront an unease while using Yahoo Messenger. We are highly applauded by our valuable clients for our hassle-free services.

Common issues with Yahoo Messenger-

  • Don’t want to sign into Messenger with a mobile number

If you don’t wish to sign in with your mobile number, then you can use your Yahoo instead. If you feel any kind of trouble, Chat on Yahoo with us and we will tell you how to accomplish the task.

  • Forgot login credentials of Yahoo Messenger

If you have forgotten your Yahoo ID or password, then an effective chat service is just a text away. With the help of our Yahoo chat online service, you can recover your Yahoo Messenger username and password and get back to your account, when you are locked out of it.

  • Yahoo Messenger sign-in problems

Sign-in problems can occur due to various reasons like incorrect password, CAPS LOCK is or due to various other reasons. Don’t get panic, but look for a reliable help as we are working around with our instant chat support services.

If you are a regular user of Yahoo Messenger, then you might have surely confronted one of such issues. With Yahoo live chat support, you can rehabilitate your Yahoo Messenger without breaking a sweat.

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  • Live text is the best feature launched by the yahoo and it is the combination of text and video which doesn’t support audio. Being a yahoo user I also downloaded Live text application in my Smart phone but it kept showing error during installation. Thanks to your blog which helped me to resolve my issues. I tried step by step to download app and now I am using Live text app without any problem.

  • I am using yahoo Live Text App on the android device, but my yahoo account is not working properly. Please tell me what should I do?

    • Live text app is very new to the Yahoo users and it can show some of the problems like you mentioned. The only solution to your problem is that you can update your Live Text App from Google Play Store on your android device.

      If you are the first time user then you have to verify the phone number and permit the app to access your phone and if you are already a Yahoo member, then you can Sign in with login Id and password and start the live texting.