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Yahoo Mail App Problems Continue After Update – Isn’t it frustrating?

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Written by Veronica Wilson

With several email users using Yahoo mail app to access their personal emails and other features encapsulated within web portal; large section of Yahoo users residing in United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are troubled with login as well as other technical errors that consistently creep up while using Yahoo application installed on Android and IOS Smartphone device. With no update given by Yahoo in the press release and keeping users in the dark, the main reason has now been revealed with the recent update in Yahoo app is the main culprit once it has been installed by users in their Smartphone device. From that day itself, they have started facing login and other technical errors using updated Yahoo App installed on their Android Smartphone as well as IOS Smartphone devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Other than login issues, there are certain other features in Yahoo app which become unresponsive once updates are installed successfully in the Smartphone device.

  • Yahoo App stops responding after the update.
  • Cannot find an option for delete messages in inbox once they are selected as read.
  • Login credentials invalid error shown once application icon is tapped on the Smartphone screen.
  • Yahoo app takes a lot of time to load.
  • Do not receive new emails.
  • Spam messages keep filling up the Yahoo mail inbox sent from some other compromised email account.
  • Error-code 919 displayed while updating the latest version of Yahoo App on Smartphone.
  • Problems in upload download and open attachments.
  • Unable to recover forgotten yahoo password or login id.
  • The bug occurs while changing the mail template.
  • Yahoo email app not working on Wi-Fi connected android and IOS device.
  • Updated Yahoo app on Android not supporting push email notifications.
  • Takes several minutes to respond after tapping on mail notifications received through Yahoo app.
  • Unable to sync personal or official emails in the email application installed in the android phone through Yahoo app.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail App Update Problems?

In case Yahoo app installed on Android OS and IOS device is not performing efficiently due to being slow and keeps on freezing or crashing after update then there are certain steps that need to be followed for getting proper resolution:

  • App Functionality Problem

Yahoo App is Slow, Freezes, and Crashes All of the sudden

  1. Force Stop and Restart the App: When the app is force stopped, it refreshes active memory for the app.
  2. Restart the device. Even if the problem still persists after restarting the device , it clearly indicates that Yahoo app installed on Smartphone is corrupt
  3. Uninstall and Re-install the updated Yahoo App from Google Play Store (for Android Smartphone device) and App Store (for IOS Smartphone device).
  • Features Unavailable on Mobile Device: As there are certain features in Yahoo mail which are designed for desktop browser version. Users just need to make sure that there are certain features (mentioned below) which are not available while accessing Yahoo email through App.


  1. Calls made from desktop to desktop using Yahoo messenger
  2. Dormant Yahoo accounts re-activation
  3. Advanced Spam Settings Modification Functionality Modification
  4. Contacts and Email Address Blocking
  5. Vacation Auto -Response Configuration and Settings
  6. Full Email Header View

                If the above steps do not work, then contact Yahoo support team to get resolution from the qualified experts

Problems


  • Changes in Mobile Number: Incase, old phone number is mentioned in the Yahoo mail account security settings and a new number is in use at present , then there are certain steps to change phone number in Yahoo mail settings:


  1. Open Yahoo on the desktop browser.
  2. Enter the login credentials and go to account settings page.
  3. Click on existing phone number mentioned in the account settings and click on modify to add a new phone number.
  4. Click on send a message for Phone number authentication.
  5. Yahoo sends the notification to your phone number through text. SMS through a phone
  6. Enter the code in space provided.
  7. Click on Verify button.

Now user can easily access Yahoo emails through an app installed on the Android OS and IOS Smartphone device.

  • App Passwords:  In order to create an app password, two-step verification In Yahoo mail is supposed to be turned on or enabled with which account key is generated so that password can be created for Yahoo app or third party email application pre-installed in android or IOS device.
  • 2- Step Verification: Both the password and extra security code is used in 2-step verification for identity verification.
  • Account Key: Yahoo account key can fix the issues occurring in Yahoo App and make the life of the Yahoo mail users free from any kind of vulnerabilities but there are certain technical glitches that create obstacle in running app smoothly

If user is facing trouble during sign-in with Account key, there can be certain reasons behind it:

  1. User forgot the password after turning off account key.
  2. The old Phone number is mentioned in the account details but the person is currently using the new phone number.
  3. Yahoo app installed on Android and IOS Smartphone device stop working.
  4. The user cannot receive account key sign-in notification.
  5. Unable to turn-on account key.


As Smartphone users accessing Yahoo app are not that much knowledgeable and experienced to fix the unexpected glitches occurring their Smartphone device, they need an expert Yahoo tech support guy who can assist users in a much better way by troubleshooting all kind of critical problems with perfection in shortest time period. These certified Yahoo helpdesk support experts can be easily contacted with the help of Yahoo customer service phone number available over the internet, which is provided by helpline service providers or tech support organization to render quality help to users; who cannot get Yahoo mail issues fixed within the shortest time period. With no official helpline number of Yahoo available online for the convenience of their email users, they have no option for contacting Yahoo customer service experts in quick time if they face any kind of general or critical issues in email account or Yahoo app installed in their Smartphone device.


About the author

Veronica Wilson

I am really passionate about writing user friendly blog contents to help yahoo users in offering quality tips for resolving their problems in a matter of seconds. I would be really happy if users can get help upon going through my blog contents as step by step methods are unveiled in most of my write-ups to troubleshoot complex issues in quick time.


  • I am using yahoo mail app on my android device but I can’t able to access my yahoo account. if you have any solution regarding yahoo app problems then suggest me some tips.

    • Firstly make sure that you have mentioned correct email id and password. And still, If you are not able to login your yahoo account then you require to complete a manual set-up. Some mobile email apps require manual setup of IMAP or POP settings. You will need your password, login name, POP3 or IMAP port, and server settings to complete a Manual set-up. With the help of IMAP, you can easily connect your account to a mobile app. It allows 2-way syncing, which means everything you do remotely is reflected in your Yahoo Mail account no matter where or how you access it.
      Below, I have mentioned the settings you require to configure your mail client or app:
      Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
      • Server –
      • Port – 465 or 587
      • Requires SSL – Yes
      • Requires authentication – Yes

      Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server
      • Server –
      • Port – 993
      • Requires SSL – Yes

      Login Information
      • Your email-id =
      • Password= ***************
      • Required authentication=Yes
      I hope it will work for you.

  • Last month I’ve updated my Yahoo mail App in order to enhance the features that were not previously entertained by App. But, things are totally opposite of what I thought as I got, even more, issues with updated version and then I decided to take help from an expert. I’m satisfied with the services provided by Yahoo support expert as now I’m accessing my Yahoo account on App without any issue.

  • How frustrating it is to know that Yahoo App not working properly even after updating the latest version of it. Why would someone waste their time in updating an App which will provide nothing like new features instead, annoy bit more than the previous version? But, luckily I did and also I fixed all my issues right on time. Thanks to this blog!

  • Hi !!! I am Martin,

    Firstly I want to appreciate your blog because it is nicely written in a comprehensible manner. I read earlier for one my problem and it resolved at that time. I am the daily user of Yahoo and using its messenger app on my phone. I have more than two accounts and I don’t know how to add multiple accounts in Yahoo Messenger.
    Please Help me out. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Martin !! Thanks for your appreciation and I am happy that you have resolved your problem by yourself earlier.
      Having more than two account is not an issue. You can add multiple accounts on your yahoo messenger by considering following steps.

      1) You should login to your account and go to “Account Info” page on the top left corner of your screen.
      2) Click on “Manage Your Yahoo Aliases” and again Click on “Add an Alias”
      3) A box will pop up in which you have to type your email id of another account and click Save button.
      These steps will be again repeated for adding another account if you required. And added account will be shown on your yahoo messenger