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Does Yahoo Mail Attachment Limit Really Confine the Upliftment of Email Service Provider?

Yahoo mail storage limit
Written by Veronica Wilson

Since the inception of Yahoo email services, it has offered lots of convenience to the users. Amongst those services, it is providing functionality through which attachments in the form of text documents, images, and video as well as other media files can be sent to the recipients alongside important message. The email attachment is quite an essential component to perform the official communication with business clients.

Yahoo is not left behind as it has much-needed amazing features and functionalities that a top email service provider should possess. One of them is Yahoo mail attachment functionality, which has taken this email service provider to the next level.

Gone are the days, when the business people used to send official documents through the postal service in the form of floppy drive, CDs, and hard copy. With the advent of technology, things have moved quite ahead with time as the business organizations are using apps installed in PC and smartphone device to transmit important data. Still, we can say that importance of Yahoo mail remains intact with the amazing features and functionalities that have made this email service provider galloping towards the success mark.

“The surprising fact is that in spite of achieving remarkable success in the past few years, there is no enhancement in the Yahoo mail attachment limit as it is quite low, compared to its major competitors such as Gmail and Hotmail.”

Though the users get unrestricted Yahoo mailbox size limit, they have certain restrictions in terms of attaching text documents and media files. A user cannot upload more than 25 MB of total attachments. As per the rules, Yahoo has made quite clear that the file types in the form of .exe and.dat  or any other recognized extensions cannot be attached using the defined functionality.  Allowing these files as attachments can be a threat to the recipient device as Yahoo consider these type of file extensions as a virus.

“It can be really surprising for Yahoo users to know that their email service provider has not made any changes in its attachment size rules since a decade as it last happened in 2007 to vie their competitors”

There are some scenarios when Yahoo mail attachment functionality stops working all of the sudden. Many users are not able to know the exact reasons behind Yahoo mail attachments not working.

For the convenience of users, the reasons behind Yahoo attachment not working  are unveiled below

Why Yahoo Mail Attachment Not Working?

  • Server Downtime Issues.
  • Unresponsive Script Errors.
  • File Exceeds the Size Limit.
  • Issues with Web browser settings.
  • Browser compatibility issues with Yahoo.

Various reviews have been received from email users saying  “I can’t download attachments from Yahoo Mail”. They are quite frustrated with this problem as their clients have sent important files to go through and the process cannot be initiated unless the file is downloaded. They are not getting proper help from the certified experts due to unavailability of official Yahoo corporate phone number on the web.

Many of the users; who access Yahoo account through an app installed on their smartphone device, also complain about the same kind of issues. They have certain questions in their mind regarding:

  • How to open attachments in Yahoo mail on Android?
  • How to attach a file in Yahoo mail?
  • How to see attachments in Yahoo mail?
  • How to look for Yahoo mail storage limit?

The other most prominent issues are:

  • Users cannot save attachments in Yahoo mail on android device.
  • Yahoo mail attachments disappear upon receiving messages from the sender.

How to Increase the Yahoo Mail Attachment Size Limit?

Though the default Yahoo mail attachment size limit cannot be increased unless the email server makes any upgrade in the near future, there are certain ways through which attachment size can be enhanced to some extent:

  • Dropbox
  • Compressing large size files in zip or rar format
  • Using the functionality of Google Drive (In case Gmail is Synced successfully within Yahoo account)
  • Upgrading Yahoo Mail to Pro version

Adopting these techniques, a user can easily get hold off Yahoo Attachment size limit issues.  As the majority of users are non-technical, they are really not aware of the steps to fix Yahoo attachment issues. With no action being taken by Yahoo to increase its attachment limit in free email version like its competitors, many users are placing a request to delete the email accounts. There are several other email service providers like Gmail, who are providing attachment size limit up to 10 GB without any kind of restriction.

Yahoo mail is losing its stronghold in the internet world due to one or the other issues on which necessary action has not been taken yet. These issues are supposed to be fixed very soon as various competitors are emerging as the days passing by. The delay in fixation of prolonged issues can make the things bad to worse.

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