Are Yahoo Email Contact Problems Really Frustrating for a User? A Quick Discussion!!

Yahoo contact problems can be quite exasperating for those users; who have been looking forward to subscribe themselves for the first time to avail webmail services. This issue has prolonged to such an extent that not even a single person will be left untouched with its adverse consequences.

As Yahoo mail contact list not working or loading properly, it can turn out to be a stiff task for the new or existing users to communicate with contacts, already included in Yahoo mail account. Most of them do not remember the email addresses of the recipients, to whom the messages are supposed to be sent.

As people do not remember the email address of the people added to the contact list, they generally look to take benefit of Yahoo mail suggested contacts by clicking on the button “To” or “Cc” or “BCC” that are encrypted with links that prompt up a new window for the user’s convenience so that he/she can select the contact among the list for sending a composed message.

Why Yahoo Contact Problems Occur? Reasons Divulged

Yahoo email contact problems prompt up on a sudden basis as the scripts encrypted in “To” or “Cc” or “BCC” button, stops responding and in turn, it inhibits the functionality that results in the complete deadlock. This certainly happens due to various reasons:

  • Server outage or downtime.
  • The prompt window does not display Yahoo mail contact list upon clicking “To” or “Cc” or “BCC”.
  • Compatibility issues with a web.
  • Browser overload with storage of all-time cookies and browsing data.
  • Extensions installed on the web browser.

Yahoo mail contact list problems have increased further with the advent of Smartphone device as users, generally tap on the Y! App to send messages by loading the contact list. In the upgraded version, the auto-suggest option can be seen, which helps the user to compose the message with the correct email address of the recipient. Experts always advice to turn-off auto-suggest in Yahoo mail app. But users; being technically sound, are not aware of the process to disable Yahoo mail auto-suggest feature.


How To Delete Unwanted Auto-Fill Email Address in Yahoo Email?

Auto-fill option in the Yahoo mail email account, create trouble for the users while composing the message as they are not aware, how come an unknown email address, have been added to the contact list. Though they fear that their account has been accessed by some unknown person from a different location and he/she has added the email address to the contact list. But that’s not the truth. The fact is that cookies filled up in the web browser, has saved the email addresses (typed earlier) that get reflected upon typing a character in ‘TO’ column, while composing a new message.

This kind of auto-fill issue can be easily fixed in a matter of seconds, just by clearing the browser history. Auto-fill issues in Yahoo web mail server happens all of the sudden when unknown or bad email address get added to the contact list, unknowingly by the users. Y! Users, generally; enable automatic address book addition feature without knowing its adverse consequences. All the new email address gets added to the contact list; whenever a message from the unknown person, is reflected in the Yahoo mail inbox. The addition of invalid email address in the Yahoo contact list is also possible if the user sends a reply to the auto- generated message.

There is no need to fear with the auto-fill options that have added the unknown email address in the contact list. The users can easily delete those unwanted contacts by going to the address book and delete all of them at one through checkbox that helps in multiple selections in seconds

People in the mainstream; do get encountered with the bothersome errors while clearing auto-fill options in Yahoo mail. Most of them do not have any idea regarding how to clear auto-fill in yahoo mail.

Here are certain steps that can help users in clearing the unwanted auto-fill email addresses from the contact list

  • Login into Yahoo account by entering the correct sign-in details.
  • Once you have successfully accessed the Yahoo dashboard, click on the contacts Icon.
  • As the icon is clicked properly, a new page with address book is displayed in which contacts are listed.
  • Users can select the desired contacts one by one and click on the bin icon as seen corresponding to it.
  • Upon clicking the icon, an alert box appears with the delete option.
  • Click on the delete button and the unwanted contacted added through auto-fill is deleted permanently.

In case, any kind of problem or issue erupts all of the sudden while clearing auto-fill option or during auto-suggest turn-off; then it’s really advised to having a word with skilled techies available every time at Yahoo helpdesk to offer help of any kind anytime round the clock.

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